The Power of Pets

Did you know that all animals are right brain creatures?  Meaning that they are ruled by emotions.  They are easily able to sense what others are feeling and empathize with them.  The love they give is unconditional and overflowing.  I remember being a teenager and feeling completely cut off from everyone and everything around me.  (Depression, and other such things, become more active during and after puberty, as the body is changes and develops).  And it certainly didn’t help that my parents were of no support to me.  My father was incapable of showing any type of empathy or understanding, and my mother was too weak to stand up to my father or stand up for me.  I had no real friends at the time either because of our family moving around so much.  I remember sitting in my room, endlessly crying and having panic attacks that I knew no way of controlling.  My only source of comfort was my boxer, Sandy.  It didn’t matter how long I wept in pain, she stayed right there beside me, licking away my tears.  I will always cherish those moments for the entirety of my life, for although they remind me of  how desperate I was to have my parents show me love, her love and compassion was more than enough to help get me through.

Sometimes people could even learn a thing or two from a pet’s love.  I think a lot of people try to help others by telling them what they should or should not do.  Instead, by being willing to just be there with them during the storm helps more.  Unless someone asks for my advice, I just try to comfort and support them.