Signs From Above

I believe that every single human on this earth has the ability to communicate with God’s Universe and His Angels.  It is always there beside us, trying to assist us on our soul’s journey.  How and if we receive the signs are completely personal.  Sometimes it also takes a life changing moment before the channels of communication are open between the physical and spiritual planes.

I have always been intuitive and believed in a higher power, but it wasn’t until I had an earth shattering moment, that changed everything, did I truly “awaken” to the connection I have with the divine.  The way I personally receive the signs is through my dreams, intuition, and numerology.  The way the messages are sent, depends on what the individual is already connected or open to.  That way the sign can hopefully be recognized is a way that person will understand.  For instance, I have always been interested in numbers.  Not in a mathematical way, but more in an OCD way.  I kept seeing the number 333, literally everywhere, until I finally looked into the meaning of specific numbers and I realized that this was a message from above, trying to give me the support and help I needed when I was in a very difficult time in my life.  (I’ll go more into numerology in another post).  Once the sign or message is acknowledged, the spiritual realm will know this and then change it’s message, offering help and support every step of the way.

If you want a connection, but do not feel like you are getting anything, do not give up hope.  Sometimes the right pieces have to fall into place before doorways can be opened.  And remember, the love and protection of the Universe is always there, surrounding us everywhere we go, with everything we do, and all it takes is for us to open our eyes to see all the blessings it has to give.