Holidays are typically something most adults look forward to, yet end up feeling stressful and exhausted from. Just look at how people treat each other when they’re fighting to find a parking spot at the mall, just before Christmas. Those are not emotions and actions of calm and worry free individuals. For me, the number of responsibilities go up enormously around the holiday season, and irritation comes much more readily. It can be hard to stay mindful and enjoy the holidays for what they really are, a time to appreciate and cherish our loved ones. To be fully present in the moment, and not escape or avoid, by the internet or video games. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I close my eyes and remember to just breathe. Breathe in the good and exhale the bad energy. Actually visualize with each breath that a white light enters the body, and pushes out the dark, grey toxicity. And when others try to unload their own negativity on me, I simply laugh and brush it off. People do whatever they see fit, but I do not have to let it affect my state of mind. I am not perfect, and becoming irritated and overwhelmed is to be expected from time to time, especially during the holidays, and I can always take the steps afterwards to recenter myself. Not only is each day a new beginning, but so is each hour, each minute, to set the course we want to walk.

To everyone out there, I wish you a very merry and bring Christmas and New Year!