Hello from Houston!

My family and I survived the worst of Hurricane Harvey, but unfortunately that cannot be said for a lot of Houston and surrounding cities that were hit.  In the wake of such devastation, what really matters most comes to the forefront.  It also brings out the compassion and empathy in others.  Sometimes it takes a tragedy to see all the good in people.  It has been a joy to see the huge show of support for those people who lost everything because of the hurricane.  Helping others makes our soul’s shine brighter, and I know we are really shining now!  I also think it is a great opportunity to teach our children the importance of helping others.  As I was looking for items to donate, I got my son to find some toys to donate as well, and he was happy knowing he was doing good for others.

If you too, would like to help in some way, there are many possible avenues and even the the smallest donation of time, money, or goods, makes a world of difference.  Causes close to my heart that could benefit from help are The Texas Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House Houston, and no-kill animal shelters.  I’ve spent many hours at the Texas Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald Houses, not only when my son was sick, but also volunteering there, and there are no words to describe the help they give to families who have an ill child.  And it’s also important to remember all the animals who have been separated from their families because of this disaster.  I know shelters are looking for foster parents, or any type of donation to help afford taking care of all the displaced animals.  I’ve added a link below for a list of no-kill animal shelters in Houston.