I love gardening. It is almost like a form of meditation for me. Alone, the rhythm lulling my mind to let go of unimportant thoughts. And being in nature, brings me closer to the Angels and Universe. To be around such natural beauty bring peace to my soul. I like this time of year, where I get to add new life and color to my yard. Living where I do, I would not naturally call it a haven for nature lovers. And that is why I work so hard on my front and back yard, to try and have my own little oasis in the desert. Each spring and fall, I add a little more, as to not overwhelm myself with trying to do everything at once. I’m also adding in my own rock wall, for my garden, and it is teaching me to be more patient, since finding the right spot for each stone is kind of like playing a game of Tetris. Plus, it’s a great workout for all the muscles in the body. I try to enjoy it as much as I can before the summer heat sets in and makes it harder to be outside. Once my new trees start to mature, they will lend more shade and make it easier to tolerate the Texas heat.