From Broken to Freedom

Pretty much all of my life, I felt broken inside.  And today I can humbly say that I am not broken anymore, I am free.  I am here to tell anyone that is still in that broken place, do not give up!  I know how hard the struggle can be, I know what it feels like to see no happiness and peace in sight.  But I can also let you know that the struggle is worth it.  That you are worth it.  Never stop trying to find new ways to achieve a higher state of consciousness.  Everyone deserves happiness and peace.  Everyone deserves to feel like the broken parts of them are made new and whole.  And feeling whole, is freedom.  Freedom from all that pain and suffering constantly holding us down.  Each of us has a journey to make, and that journey may lead down different paths.  What works for one, may not work for the other, but I believe that everyone has the opportunity to be free, they just need to have faith and keep exploring new avenues for finding peace.

Sending lots of love and positive energy to those who are feeling broken right now…  I have faith in you and know you are worth having happiness and peace in your life.  You deserve to feel free too.