Accepting change does not come naturally.  We find comforts in our surroundings, so when things change in life, fear takes the opportunity to creep in.  “What will happen to me?  Will I lose myself in the process?  Will I be able to find happiness again?”  All of these types of thoughts are normal.  Then one of two things can happen.  One, we can rely on the faith and trust that the Universe always wants to guide us in a better direction.  Knowing that there is an unseen force surrounding each one of us that is positive and loving.  And can give strength to trust, when once there was none.  Or, we can choose to handle change with resistance, which is constantly being fueled by fear.  If we are living in fear and resisting change, are our surroundings and its comforts really having the effects it used to?

Our whole existence is based around change.  Our bodies change, our levels of maturity and intelligence change.  Whether we particularly like it or not, change is here to stay.  Change is not easy and each time I experience it, I become better at it, although it is a process like anything else.

Relying on the Universe’s good faith, can be a struggle, but in my opinion it is a worthwhile one.  For instance, I struggle with anxiety.  No matter what kind of change I am experiencing, my mind can put an anxious spin on it.  It can take over where I visualize the worse outcome coming to fruition.  At that point, I use a skill called Turn The Mind.  I do not let myself stay with that negative thought, where it will only gain traction and grow.  I tell myself that I am going to turn my mind to think positive.  “That everything will turn out alright.  I will not lose myself in the process, I will only grow to become a more evolved me.  I found happiness once and I can definitely find it again, perhaps to a level I’ve never experienced before.”  I can look back at the whole of my life and even though I still experienced negative situations, I am overall a happier, more at peace individual.  I hold more confidence within myself and with the Universe, I am stronger than I ever imagined I could be, and I am better able to deal with stressful situations.  Each change I experienced was a stepping stone to where I am today, and if I had not flowed with the direction that the Universe was taking me, then I would still be wallowing in a deep hole of depression and despair.  I have faith and trust that the Universe has brought me to this better place, and I know it has more plans for change, more plans to help me reach higher and higher until I achieve enlightenment.

I believe practicing visualization to be extremely helpful in becoming more comfortable with change.  Find a quiet place, where noise and people cannot become distractions.  Once relaxed and eyes are closed, imagine a situation that is causing fear from the unknown outcome.  Imagine in your mind, this situation happening, only imagine the whole experience being one of positivity.  Imagine this situation over and over, each time with a different outcome, but each time ending in happiness and whats best for all.  For instance, if I was fearful of losing my job and the future, a couple scenarios I would visualize would be this.  “I am letting go of my job, and I am filled with a sense of gratefulness, understanding, and peace, knowing that it is an opportunity for me to find a better job that is more inline with my personality and values.  I will find a job at the perfect time, because the Universe is looking out for me and I will wait until all the pieces of the puzzle are put into place and that job opens up for me.  I am not alone in this process and I have the strength to overcome any obstacle.  Each interview is an opportunity to experiment with the process, learn new skills, and grow.  I find a job that I love and is a great fit with who I am and what I have to give.  They appreciate and value everything I add to the company.  I am filled with success, knowing the process was worth it and I flowed with change, instead of fighting it.”  And I can also visualize keeping the job and excelling at it.  “I am doing my very best at this job and I am only continuing to do better.  The bosses can see the hard effort I put into my job and I will receive the rewards in due time.  I am happy to have this job and I am going to be happily employed here for a long time.”  Doing this exercise helps to replace fear with faith.  Do repeatedly for the most benefit.