Breaking Through the Gender Barrier

For men and women to see each other as equals, we need to break through the gender barrier.  Gender barriers are psychological blocks that are put between women and men.  And the earlier a person learns to break through these barriers, the easier it is to become a core value.  Specifically, when kids start school, that is the time that is most crucial in helping them to understand that it is ok to maybe feel nervous of the other sex, but that they have the same feelings and wants.  Trying to help work through a child’s nervousness will also show them that they can work through the anxiety, so that it does not just have to fester within.  And if someone is past their childhood, and realize as an adult that they have anger or resentment for the other sex, that can be a clue that it is time to do some personal reflection and try to pinpoint where the issue stems from. Pinpointing where the issue(s) stem from, can help in releasing old beliefs because when we look at something through the lens of being an adult, we start to look at things from a different perspective.

Our Higher Power created each and every one of us, meaning each and every being is sacred and blessed with the right to be free from violation from another.  Verbal, emotional, psychological, sexual, and physical abuse against another is a violation against the very nature of our beings.  So if we can evolve past these abuses, and learn to love and respect one another, harmony and peace can follow.  Most of us are not in a position to help thousands in a moment, like celebrities do when they donate millions to a cause, but we can still make a difference in this world.  In every action, we have a choice whether to show love and compassion to our fellow sacred beings on this earth, or to live in the darkness.  I choose to live and breathe in the light.  I choose to see women and men as equals, who both deserve all the good things the Universe has to offer.  There’s room enough for us all to bask in the light together.

(If you would like to know more about what gender barriers exactly are and how children are affected by it in school, I would check out which I found has valuable information).