An Ode to Emotion…

I am a woman whose life revolves around her emotions.

From the past, to the future, waves of feelings ebb and flow.

Before, I was running to escape them.

Now I accept and face them.

Loving myself and glad to be so full of the essence of truth and humanness,

For what else besides skin and bone prove we are made of such.


The darkness lingers in the background, for now I am content.

But what of the future…

Does it hold celebration or woe?

Will dreams of sensual enchantment entice lust and desire for what can never be?

Or will my current contentment last until the end of days?

Only the ebbs and flows know…




(Ode was inspired by the tarot card self-reading of my past, present, and future.  Six of swords, Queen of Cups, and upside-down Knight of Cups on the eve of the 13th of June).