Hello!  I created this site because my life, like others, has been plagued with inexplicable events that changed me forever.  For the longest time, I was controlled by those events, and I saw my life slipping by, one day knowing that I would look back on my life and realize that I wasted this precious time I’ve been given.  I made the decision that I would find a way to let go of all the negativity and darkness in my life.  I chose to fight for happiness, fight for peace, and fight to find enlightenment.  Instead of being molded into someone filled with anxiety, fear, depression, and pessimism, I would become a being of strength, optimism, love and faith.  Faith that the Universe wants to help me, and if I put in the work, I will be rewarded for my efforts.  It has by no means been easy, but I have worked minute by minute, second by second, to get where I am today.  To let go of unhealthy habits and people.  To live in a more positive, loving, and spiritual space.  To release myself from the shackles of the past.  I still have moments where the unhealthy thoughts and memories creep in, trying to rid me of my peace, but I am far from the individual who was consumed with negativity and am at a place in my life where I am grateful for who I am, and everything I’ve overcome.  This blog is a compilation of thoughts, ideas, and things I have learned.  As I go through life, I continually add life skills to my arsenal of ways to live life from a place of love and light.  This life is a journey to be enjoyed, to savor each moment we are given, before it vanishes before our very eyes.  I will not be dragged down into the mud and wallow in what I wish what could have been, I will rise up into enlightenment and love, just as the lotus flower blooms from the murky depths.