555: Relax And Go With The Flow

Any time we see the number 555, it is the Angels reminding us to ‘relax and go with the flow’.  This message has been a reoccurring one in our household recently.  My son, who is about to turn 7 years old, has gotten to the stage of complaining about everything.  If he doesn’t get something he wants, he pouts and acts like it’s the end of the world.  He can’t see beyond it.  (From my younger days as a nanny, I know this is normal and all kids go through this stage).  I don’t judge him for being upset, I let him know that it is ok to feel sad or angry because those are valid, normal emotions.  And I also let him know that it is all about how we handle and express those emotions that matter.  And learning how to let go of something, instead of holding onto things we have no control over.

And just as my son is trying to learn this lesson, we as adults have a hard time implementing it too sometimes.  I have spent many years holding onto things where I’ve felt slighted or mistreated, and in reality I was only hurting myself by holding onto that pain.  I don’t want to give my inner power over to something unworthy of it.  By learning to let go of things that we have no control over, or things that are negative and draining, we can feel peace and calm instead of anxious and worrisome.

For me, things always come in 3’s.  And in this case, three things really help me in relaxing and going with the flow.  The first, is to breathe.  When we feel anxiety, we start to shallow breathe, which just makes the whole situation worse because the body stays in a cyclical state of stress.  Shallow breathing has been proven to make the body more susceptible to getting sick, less cognitive function, and are a precursor for anxiety attacks.  By remembering to breathe from the diaphragm, it can decrease stress, relax our bodies so that way our hearts slow down, as well as our bodies becoming less tense.  One tip to know if you’re doing it correctly, is to make sure your stomach is expanding outward and inward, and the shoulders stay in a fixed position.  Secondly, I decide if there is anything I have the power to do to help the situation.  If I do, then I make a plan to do it, but if the situation is completely out of my control, then I ask the Angels for their help, and give my fears and worries over to them.  The Angels have far more infinite wisdom than we ever could, and can see into the future, so once the problem is given to them, they are able to figure out a solution best for us.  The Angels want to help us, we need only ask for the help.  And thirdly, I tell myself, the only thing that is constant in this life, is change.  And the better I become with change, and just go with the flow, the easier I can enjoy this crazy ride called life.