1013: Blessing in Disguise

The Angelic message for the number 1013, is that this can be seen as a blessing in disguise.  It is often hard to see past our troubles when they are overwhelming and burdensome.  And yet, the sequence 1013 can be a reminder to try and take a step back from the situation, to try and see the bigger picture.  The bigger picture being the journey we call life, and this is but a moment upon it.  

A few years back, I had an Angelic encounter.  I was severely depressed, in a situation where I felt trapped and unsure of what to do next.  I had taken a trip with my mother, to visit family and try to get my mind off of things.  Instead it backfired, for I not only was unable to take my mind off the predicament at hand, but I started having uncontrollable panic attacks.  (I also caught a cold and fever, which certainly did not help me mentally).  They went on for multiple days, with none of my family knowing how to help, so it was that I stayed in this tiny little room for days, not sleeping, just weeping.  Weeping for days on end, feeling as if my whole world was crashing down around me and there was no way out.  And then the vision happened.  I laid in bed, crying, begging the Angels for their mercy and help.  And as if in a flash, I could feel and see two Angels, one on either side, holding my hands.  Standing there almost as if to show their support and protection.  And in an instant they were gone again, but the number 1013 forcibly came into my mind.  I had been laying in bed for hours, clueless to the time it was, but when I picked up my phone to see the time, it was exactly 10:13am.  Once I looked through my numerology sources, I concluded that the Angels came to me, and gave me the message that this is a blessing in disguise.  I felt release.  Release from all the pain and indecision I was feeling.  It was the strongest encounter I’ve ever had with the Angels, and I felt blessed that they gifted me with their presence and advice.  It helped me to let go of the negative feelings and emotions I was holding onto.  It also helped me see that pain is only temporary, and no matter where my path takes me, the Angels will be with me.  

Situations that are painful, can sometimes seem all consuming and the end all, be all.  And in those times, remembering that this is just a brief moment in our lifetime, can help pull us out of that deep, dark hole that can devour our very being.  1013, this is just a blessing in disguise.